Outdoor Seating

20 Item(s)

Alorac Concrete Bench - 200cm
Concrete Cube Side Table / Stool - 45cm
Concrete Pipe Side Table / Stool - 46cm
Concrete Rectangle Side Table / Stool - 46cm
Crusoe Root Side Table / Stool - Round, 40cm
Crusoe Root Side Table / Stool - Square, 40cm
Crusoe Teak Tooth Side Table - Natural
Cube Concrete Ottoman with Cushion
Cube Concrete Sofa with Cushions - Corner
Cube Concrete Sofa with Cushions- Straight
Hayes Outdoor Dining Chair - Black
Hayes Outdoor Dining Chair - Nat/Black
Hayes Outdoor Dining Chair - Nat/White
Hayes Outdoor Low Chair - Black
Hayes Outdoor Low Chair - Nat/Black
Hayes Outdoor Low Chair - Nat/White
Nero Concrete Bench - 180cm
Nero Concrete Bench - 210cm
Palma Long Bench 160CM
Robinson Pine Stump Stool